Landscape & Garden Design

A new vision for this blog!

I recently finished my Master in Landscape & Garden Design and i wanted to share with you all the ideas i have, to make your garden spaces more interesting, sustainable and stylish.

Join me in this journey!


If you have a doubt about your garden, plants or free spaces, do not hesitate to write your question, i would gladly try to answer it as fast as possible


Good day for a new Blog!

The idea of this Blog was born from the desire of finding information, images, news and articles about Art, Design & Architecture that fill our intelectual  bases without getting too “maximalist”, finding information that fit not only our needs like architects or designers, but the needs of everybody else that loves and enjoy Art as much as Design and want simple answers and great ideas to complete their artwork.

A blog with information about new techniques used around the world and articles that help us finish or even start our proyects, with great little tips that help us make our better days!.

“The originality consists in come back to the origin, and this origin is the Nature as a divine creation.”

Antoni Gaudí.